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The Beatles - Abbey Road
The Beatles - Abbey Road
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1966 Pink Floyd Concert in London - (Lithograph)
1966 Pink Floyd Concert in London - (Lithograph)
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Bob Dylan - Studio
Bob Dylan - Studio
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Cream Farewell Concert (Lithograph)
Cream Farewell Concert (Lithograph)
Masse, Bob
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Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix
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The Yardbirds in Concert (Lithograph)
The Yardbirds in Concert (Lithograph)
Masse, Bob
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Johnny Cash - An American Legend
Johnny Cash - An American Legend
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Billie Holiday - Town Hall, NYC 1948
Billie Holiday - Town Hall, NYC 1948
Loren, Dennis
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The Clash
The Clash
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Jimi Hendrix Saville Concert II - (Lithograph)
Jimi Hendrix Saville Concert II - (Lithograph)
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Bob Marley
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The Grateful Dead
The Grateful Dead
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Seek And Ye Shall Find: Ed Hale, Music, & The Meaning Of It All
Friday, May 05 @ 11:55:56 GMT by bandweblogs
Guest Blogger EntrySEEK AND YE SHALL FIND:
by Meera Subramanian

Ed Hale is warming up over a steaming cup of Dunkin Donuts decaf. He talks about, among other things, his weekly schedule (French language lessons one night, kickboxing classes another), his ambitions for a reality television show where he interviews a famous Bishop and other random people, his novel in progress entitled The Cosmos is Great and Large, Darn Right, ("like Huck Finn with superheroes"), and about the Army General's uniform that hangs in his closet. Dressed in black fitted jeans, a black DKNY shirt, and black boots, he slips easily into the New York City landscape, recently transplanted from his native Florida. His curly, shoulder-length brown hair is pushed back from his face with a pair of dark sunglasses, also DKNY, and his heavy-lidded blue eyes are eager as he talks about everything and everyone that gets him excited, punctuating his explorations with an easy laugh and expressive stretching out of words like "brilll-yant!" This is all on decaf, remember.

(Read More... | 10743 bytes more | comments? | Score: 0)

Aural Night-Voyage
Friday, May 05 @ 11:49:40 GMT by bandweblogs
Guest Blogger Entrymuzikman writes "Aural Night Artist: Aural Night
Title: Voyage
Genre: Instrumental-Soundtrack-Classical
Label: Independent
CD Baby Link

Aural Night is an artist from Finland that takes his passion for the great composers and makes something special without the help of a band and typical instruments. The artist uses a Korg Triton with onboard MOSS, M-Audio Audiophile 192 soundcard hooked to his computer to create this engaging instrumental Voyage. The compositions, recorded, mixed, and mastered by the artist, sound as if there was more involved because of the sound quality, nevertheless the results are impressive when you look at the whole picture and how he achieved the desired results.

Aural Night’s intention was to create a soundtrack that could be easily adapted for a movie. I think he succeeds in accomplishing his goal on this album. He listened to his share of Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis prior to jumping into a career of recording, as their influence is peeking around every corner of this CD."

(Read More... | 3199 bytes more | comments? | Score: 0)

Take part in MG's live label showcase in NYC
Thursday, May 04 @ 14:25:49 GMT by bandweblogs
Guest Blogger EntryMusicGorilla's next LIVE LABEL SHOWCASE will be on May 30th at Pianos in NYC!

All Artist Members are eligible. Don't miss this opportunity, Sign up now. MG showcased 22 artists at our March showcases in Austin, TX.

Music Gorilla Artists Succeed! MG Artists have been signed to songwriting deals, publishing deals, and distribution deals. Our artists have also received placement in film and television! Be our next success story.

## MG Artist signed to a deal with Lamon Records via musicgorilla! Have you been heard by the Labels yet?

## MG Artist Fell Boyzs gets their song featured on the Film Plastic!

## Music Gorilla is now a partner of USA Songwriting Competition

## Music Gorilla is a provider for MSN Music! Artist members can add this to the many opportunities that MG provides.

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Vernon Neilly Explodes On To Billboard Charts
Thursday, May 04 @ 14:19:34 GMT by bandweblogs
Guest Blogger Entry
Vernon Neilly
G-Fire II
Unconditional Love
Moonlight In Paradise
Just 2 weeks ago, Boosweet Records recording artist Vernon Neilly's new single from the award winning CD "G-Fire II" was released to the world via AC/UAC commercial, satellite, cable, internet stations across the globe. Having an immediate impact at radio, the single "Unconditional Love" was the #1 most added single at AC radio, and picked up early indicators at UAC radio according to BDS reports.

Going into week 2 the single was still firecracker hot as it remained in the top 5 most added singles at #4, jumping up the chart (fmqb) from #148 to #69,and added an incredible +129 spin increase over the prior week. For most any artist major or independent to jump out of the gate with those kinds of numbers after only two weeks of a release, would have them jumping up and down for joy.

The best news was yet to materialize though, and did when the Nielsen Soundscan report rolled in last week to show that not only did Vernon's "G-Fire II" CD spike at retail, but exploded onto the Billboard Chart at #12 Contemporary Jazz Albums. "Unconditional Love" is one of the hottest singles out right now, and is especially getting overwhelming response from the 24-54 female demographic, because of it's very lush, romantic musical track, and passionate vocal delivery.

The "Unconditional Love" single can be downloaded at Boosweet Records website www.boosweet.com, or can be found at emusic.com, apple.com/itunes, rhapsody.com, sonyconnect.com, walmart.com, and all major digital download retailers. The Full "G-Fire II" CD can also be downloaded at these sites, but is also available at most major and major independent record stores, and most major online retailers such as amazon.com, allmusicguide.com.

For more information or media inquiries about Vernon Neilly and his CD project, please contact public relations company J.J. Entertainment at [email protected], or Boosweet Records at [email protected].


(comments? | Score: 0)

Bosstown Sound Available for Digital Download and CD at ItsAboutMusic.com
Wednesday, May 03 @ 14:09:04 GMT by bandweblogs
Guest Blogger EntryKimberton, PA – Philadelphia-area-based music label, ItsAboutMusic.com, is now carrying downloads and CDs of many of the great Boston bands from the late sixties that created the legendary “Bosstown Sound.”

While Boston’s local music scene was very diverse in the sixties, featuring genres such as psychedelic rock, folk, and rhythm and blues, from this scene emerged a sound that was eventually touted as the “Bosstown Sound.” Over thirty years later, these bands maintain a faithful following who can now enjoy digital downloads and CDs in addition to their now-collectible vinyl records.

Featured Bosstown artists on www.ItsAboutMusic.com include Orpheus, Ultimate Spinach, Phluph, Chamaeleon Church (featuring a pre-Saturday Night Live Chevy Chase), Illustration, Bobby Callender, Joe Droukas, Colwell-Winfield Blues Band, Ill Wind, Free Beer, Papa Nebo and Puff. This release marks the first time that the much adored Orpheus albums have been released on individual CDs.

# # #

ItsAboutMusic.com is a music label based in suburban Philadelphia, PA. The company is open to all ages of artists and all genres of music, and it enables recording artists to maintain creative control while reaching an international audience of music fans.

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The Specialist's new dancehall/reggae project
Wednesday, May 03 @ 03:49:50 GMT by bandweblogs
Guest Blogger EntrySouth Coast Music announces the launch of the Caribbean sensation artist known as "The Specialist." This creative and inventive artist brings a whole new outlook to "world music." In fact, you could say he is the missing element, with his new music project, "Pickin' Up." The specialist has brought Caribbean music to a whole new level!

The Specialist has successfully bridged the gap from old-school reggae to dancehall, mixing in R&B with Latino beats and controlling the whole mix with his own unique style of "love and harmony." His history and vision has created a sound that is both familiar yet soul quaking in it's new approach, assuring you just won't get enough.

The Specialist has a deep rooted history in the reggae world, playing on the same stage as reggae mega stars such as Peter Tosh and Robert Nester Marley, to name a few. The single "High Grade" was released a month ago and can be heard on most radio stations across the US.

See The Specialist live at the 25th International Reggae & World Music Awards at the Apollo Theater in NYC on May 6th.

(comments? | Score: 0)

Katharine Whalen (ex-Squirrel Nut Zippers) - out on June 6
Tuesday, May 02 @ 13:26:37 GMT by bandweblogs

Solo CD arrives June 6 on M.C. Records, New York City date announced.

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Katharine Whalen, former front-person in the roaring nineties swing band Squirrel Nut Zippers, is planning her return to music following a short hiatus with her first solo album in seven years, Dirty Little Secret. The album is slated to hit the streets June 6 on M.C. Records. You can check out tracks from the CD at



Squirrel Nut Zippers met with worldwide success with their second album, Hot, which sold more than a million albums on the strength of the hit single "Hell." Riding high on that success, Whalen found she wanted to explore her inner jazz chanteuse, forming Katharine Whalen's Jazz Squad. She enjoys this opportunity to showcase her jazzier side, but comparisons to the legendary Billie Holiday, while favorable and flattering, made her realize that she still hadn't achieved what she set out to do: to find her own, true inner voice.

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Burst Records, Sony Enter Into Strategic Alliance On Moffitt Release
Tuesday, May 02 @ 13:18:10 GMT by bandweblogs
Guest Blogger EntryBurst, Sony Announce The Stolen EP Remix Contest.

MILWAUKEE, Wis. -Tuesday 02 May 2006 --Burst Records and Sony will join forces in a promotion for Julie Moffitt's Burst debut, The Stolen EP. Hitting streets Tuesday June 6, 2006, the disc will include Moffitt's isolated vocal tracks, instrumental session loops and a copy of Sony's ACID XPress loop-based, music production software.

(Read More... | 1908 bytes more | comments? | Score: 0)

Tuesday, May 02 @ 13:08:59 GMT by bandweblogs
Guest Blogger EntryToronto, ON - May 2, 2006 --On May 2nd, Inner Surge will launch their music video for the first single off their critically acclaimed new album "Signals Screaming" entitled "Retribution Song". After filming with "Cabras" director Fredy Polania of Polania Pictures at various Calgary locations and with the help of artist Shaun Friesen of Free Zen Design, the video will feature art from the album, some live performance and a lot of the unexpected.

Retribution Song was inspired by the massacre in Uzbekistan last year, where roughly 900 men, women and children were gunned down by the country's army while peacefully protesting their authoritarian government.

After reviewing thousands of Canadian artists, Inner Surge was chosen by Fredy Polania as the only Canadian band to be featured on the Cabras soundtrack. Other countries to follow include Israel, Japan, Colombia, Latvia, and Australia. All the videos will count down to the unleashing of the official website and trailer for the film.

"Retribution Song" will be available May 1st for stream and download at www.cabrassoundtrack.com. The song will also be featured on the Cabras movie soundtrack, due for release along with the movie in 2007. Inner Surge's video is one of 20 that movie director Fredy Polania is filming to promote "Cabras", making it the first movie soundtrack to film 20 music videos and have them all available for download on the video iPods. To view all the videos for the "Cabras" bands, go to www.cabrassoundtrack.com.

Inner Surge's new album "Signals Screaming" was released April 1 through Cyclone Records. Look for Inner Surge to tour in support of "Signals Screaming", and promote the music, message, and music videos to both television and internet webcasts. To keep up to date on the band, visit www.innersurge.com or www.cyclonerecords.ca.

(comments? | Score: 0)

Monday, May 01 @ 11:37:23 GMT by bandweblogs
Guest Blogger Entry

April 25, 2006 Edition

* Jann Klose Featured on Warner Bros DVD "Dead Broke"
* Listening To Songs Pays Off With New Invention
* Latin, Reggae, And Middle Eastern Influenced Instrumentals With A Dreamy Dub Feel
* Ghana Songwriter Selasee Wins International Song Competion
* Carey Ott Tours With Thomas Dolby
* Lula World 2006 - The Festival That Needs Its Own Passport
* The Easter Weekend Sleeper Files ­ Wabbits in Da House
* Bob Baker Publishes First-Ever MySpace Music Promotion Book
* Latin Rock Act The Monas Sign To Wattsup! Record Label In Miami
* Kevin Cahoon, of Broadway's 'The Wedding Singer', Releases New CD
* Hip Hop Veteran Kabir Releases New Album "Peaceful Solutions"

(Read More... | 32568 bytes more | comments? | Score: 0)

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